High Quality (Tier 1) Products

We utilise the world’s best solar panels from Canada and China, cables from Germany, and inverters from Austria, providing the highest quality solar installation – one that lasts over 25 years and is best priced in the market. 

With the established products of Fronius, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, and JJ Lapp, we provide only the best sustainable energy solutions for all.

The best of German engineering comprises the highest quality electrical wiring and cables. With more than 50 of its formulas developed in-house, JJ-Lapp cable ensures that the requirements arising from the particular applications of our customers are fulfilled in the best possible way.

25 years limited warranty.

The panel suppliers that we have chosen operate as global energy providers. 

Canadian Solar(Canada) and Trina Solar(China) are among the top three leading manufacturers of solar PV modules globally.


10 years limited warranty. 25 years performance warranty.


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