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General Queries

Q. What is the GreenHomes Movement?

The GreenHomes Program is the initiative brought to you by the collaboration between UEM Edgenta and SOLS Energy to bring exclusive solar packages to UEM Edgenta Employees. This includes partnership pricing & extended warranties for tier 1 quality PV solar components.

Q. How do I know if I am eligible for the program?

This program is only open to UEM Edgenta employees and their next of kin

Q. Am I eligible to apply if I am not a Malaysian?

For direct purchase, the program is open to all UEM Edgenta employees including non-Malaysian citizens. On the other hand, the loan financing is only open to Malaysian.

Q. If I live in East Malaysia but possess property in Peninsular Malaysia which I want to install solar on, am I eligible?

Yes, you are eligible.

Q. How long is the application process?

The process typically takes 3 months from application to installation.

Q. If I am a contracted staff, can I apply for financing?

Currently, the financing option is only catered to permanent staff. However, via Bank Islam, for contracted staff that has continuous renewal for 2 years, there is a financing option available. For other contracted staff, they may still apply for the direct purchase option where they will still enjoy the same competitive price of solar panel system.

Q. If I move house in the future, can I also relocate the solar panel?

This is possible. You could speak to the SOLS Energy sales team regarding queries on relocation, and the corresponding relocation cost will be subject to a case-by-case basis.

Q. Can I apply for financing with other banks?

Yes, you can. However, we strongly encourage you to apply for the financing package offered in this program as it offers the best financing rate exclusively to your organization.

Q. If I live in a condominium/apartment, can I apply for this program?

This program is for the installation of solar panels on roofs for residential landed property and is not available for strata title (e.g condominium / apartment).

Q. If my application is not approved by the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA), can I still install solar panel?

The only reason that your application would be halted is in the case of an outstanding TNB bill under your name. We do not recommend proceeding without NEM offered by SEDA as you will only be able to enjoy what you generate for self-consumption and will not be able to set off any excess generation against the grid.

Q. If my relatives or friends are interested to direct purchase a solar panel, could I apply on behalf of them?

No. This program is exclusively for UEM Edgenta employees, thus you would enjoy the special offer only if the property you would be installing the solar panel is registered under your name or your spouse’s name.

Q. I am a UEM Edgenta employee but the house I live in is under my spouse’s name. Am I still eligible for this program?

Yes, you are eligible. During the application, kindly submit a copy of your marriage certificate as a supporting document.

Q. Can I apply to install on my home in East Malaysia via this program?

Due to a different electricity tariff, and that the Net Energy Metering (NEM) policy is not applicable in East Malaysia, installation of solar system might not be economical. Therefore, currently we are launching this Program only for installation in Peninsular Malaysia. However, should there be an extension of NEM to East Malaysia, we will revisit the program.

Q. What does the price offered cover?

The price of RM 4,200/kW - RM4,300/kW is a net price inclusive of the solar panel, inverter and DC cable cost, as well as installation cost, SEDA application fee and TNB meter change fee.

Q. When is the deadline of application?

This would be on the last day of the program

Q. Is there a maximum number of applications accepted by UEM GreenHomes Program?

Only those registered within the program period will be eligible for the Solar Program offering

Q. Who can I contact if I have further queries on the package even after-sales?

For technical or solar panel-related queries, you can contact the SOLS Energy sales engineer assigned to you or contact the general helpline at +603 2935 9054.

Technical Queries

Q. What is NEM?

NEM stands for Net Energy Metering. Effective on 1st February 2021, the NEM policy allows excess solar PV generated energy to be exported back to the grid on a “one-on-one” offset basis. This means that every 1kWh exported to the grid will be offset against 1kWh consumed from the grid which enables you to save on your TNB electricity bill.

Q. What is kWh?

kWh or commonly pronounced as “kilowatt-hour”, is a unit of energy over time which you will normally find in your electricity bill. It indicates the amount of energy you have used or have imported from the TNB grid.

Q. How much energy does my solar panel generate?

With the Malaysian climate, we estimate a solar energy generation of 99 kWh/kW installed over a month. For instance, if you install a 4 kW system, your estimated average monthly energy generation would be 99 x 4 = 396 kWh.

Q. How long does the installation take?

The installation takes roughly a day to complete or a few days for larger system sizes (i.e 10 kW, etc). SOLS Energy would schedule a suitable time with you for the installation

Q. What are the key processes required to install solar panel?

To begin, when you have indicated interest in installing PV solar, SOLS Energy will perform a drone study to recommend the ideal solar system capacity based on your roof size. If you decide to install, you will pay for a booking fee of RM 500, after which SOLS Energy sales team will assist you in application of NEM approval by the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA). Once approved, SOLS Energy will install the solar panel on your rooftop. Subsequently, TNB will install the NEM meter replacing your current meter, and you could then begin enjoying the savings.

Q. How do I know what size solar PV system to install?

When you have registered your interest, SOLS Energy Sales Team will contact you for a roof study that assesses the roof size and structure. From there, they will recommend to you the ideal system capacity based on available roof space and existing TNB Bill which gives you the best utility bill savings.

Q. How long is the warranty period?

Panels have a performance warranty of 25 years and a physical warranty of 10-12 years. Our inverters have a 12 years warranty, and 25 years on the wiring.

Q. Does the warranty period cover damages caused by lightning and strong wind?

The solar panel system comes with an earthing cable, hence if there are any surges (increased in supply) the cable will protect the system.

Q. The SOLS Energy team has proposed a 4kWp system based on my electricity consumption. Can I install a larger solar system to sell more surplus energy and earn more money?

This is possible, but we would advise against oversizing the system. The excess energy (Export) is sent back to TNB and will contribute to reducing your net bill amount (TNB gives you a credit for this amount). Any remaining balance in the account is a credit that is carried over to the next month, but only has a validity of 12 months since production.

Q. The SOLS Energy team has proposed a big system (e.g 11.78 kW) which is too expensive for me. Can I install a smaller system and build on a modular basis over a period of time or as and when I can afford to?

No, due to the NEM3.0 current policy from the governing agency called SEDA. You are not able to increase the capacity once the pv solar system has already been installed.

Q. Does the package come with a battery pack installation?

No it does not.

Q. Is there an expiry period over the unused surplus energy that has been generated?

Yes, the surplus lasts for 12 months from production, after which it will be forfeited.

Q. What happens if it rains and it's cloudy, will my solar panel generate sufficient electricity?

Yes it will, although the amount of energy produced is less than on the days with full sunlight. However, the system works more efficiently in cooler conditions since photovoltaic panels rely on visible sunlight and not heat for energy production.

Q. What is the annual maintenance cost and is it included in the offer?

  • Maintenance (cleaning of panels) is done once every 2 years via on site visit and would cost RM200 per visit (only if required)
  • 3 months leaking warranty from installation date 
  • 1 year workmanship warranty on panels, inverter and cabling

Q. What is the maintenance required?

The only maintenance involved is the cleaning of the solar panel screen. However, with the Malaysian climate where we have rain, generally, regular cleaning is not required. In the unlikely event of severe physical damages such as screen crack due to falling of hard objects, you could contact SOLS Energy to arrange for maintenance at a separate fee.

Q. Is the GreenHomes Program offered price market competitive?

GreenHomes Program priced at RM 4300/kW - RM 4200/kW capacity installed which is much more attractive compared to market offering of RM 4850 - RM 7000/kW for tier 1 quality components. GreenHomes Program rate is applicable exclusively only to UEM Edgenta staff who meet the eligibility criteria.

Q. What components are used in the GreenHomes package?

Under the GreenHomes Employee package, we utilise Tier 1 components for all of the components especially the solar panels as well as the inverter. In the case that there is insufficient stock, the component will be replaced with a different brand of the same quality (Tier 1)

Q. Can I upgrade the solar panel capacity in the future?

Due to the NEM3.0 policy, the governing agency called SEDA does not allow an increase in capacity after the PV Solar has been installed.

Q. Who should I go to for after-sales maintenance or queries on solar panels?

SOLS Energy is the appointed Installation Partner to handle after-sales customer service. You may reach out to your assigned representative from SOLS Energy for any further queries or concerns in the future.

Financing Queries

Q. If I have an existing loan/mortgage, am I still eligible for the solar loan financing?

Yes, you are still eligible to apply for solar financing. Depending on your current commitments, as well as credit scoring, the program Financing Partner, Bank Islam and Standard Chartered will evaluate and adjust the tenure and financing amount accordingly. However, you would still enjoy the same interest rate as other applicants.

Q. Is the financing option Shariah compliant?

Yes, it is. Staff may choose to apply for conventional or Islamic loans with the same financing rate applied.

Q. Can I apply for the solar financing but purchase from other installers?

No. The program has been designed in collaboration with our partners to obtain a below-market offer exclusively for the UEM Edgenta staff. Therefore, the low financing rate would not be applicable for purchase from other installers.

Q. If I am retiring in less than 3 years, can I still apply for the loan financing?

Yes you can apply for the financing up to 3-10 years or retiring age, whichever earlier.

Q. Is the financing rate a fixed or moving rate?

The financing rate is set at a fixed flat rate

Q. What supporting documents am I required to submit for a loan application?

The required documents include:

  • Loan application form
  • Photocopy of IC
  • 3-months latest salary slip
  • EA Form
  • Employer confirmation letter

Q. When is the latest date which I should pay for the loan instalment?

The instalment should be paid for latest by the 1st of the month. Late penalty would be incurred accordingly should the deadline is exceeded.

Q. Do I need to go to specific branch for application?

The SOLS Energy Sales Team will connect you to the respective branch for your application process

Q. Who are the Banking Partners from this program?

The banking partners offering financing options for this program is Bank Islam and Standard Chartered

Q. What are the repayment rates offered?

The rates offered are:

  • Bank Islam - 2.31% - 2.51%, Maximum Tenure of 10 Years
  • Standard Chartered - 5.49%, Maximum Tenure of 7 years

Q. Who can I reach out to if I would like to apply for financing option?

Here is what happens when you opt for financing option

  • The Sols Energy sales team will connect you with the respective team from the respective banks that you wish to choose from.
  • From then on documentation collection will be managed by the respective banks

Q. Do I need to go to a specific branch for application?

No, document collection can be done digitally. Upon approval, you will be required to do biometric (once) at the nearest branch of your choosing.

120 Days Free Trial

Terms & Conditions: 

  • No returns within the first 30 days
  • 1 solar PV system per house 
  • Duration of the trial will be 120 days from the date of installation
  • SOLS Energy will be implementing a waiting list system
  • Assessment of the overall system will be done prior to dismantling; return and refund terms apply(**)

Installation terms 

  • The solar system installed will be under Self Consumption (SELCO) scheme
  • Under SELCO, a smart meter will be attached to the inverter to prevent any energy being exported to the grid.
  • Your solar PV system is inclusive of 15 meters of AC cable and 75 meters of DC cable. If any additional wiring and/or other items are required before, during, or after your installation, additional charges will be invoiced to you. In the case that installation has to be put on hold due to delay in confirmation for any additional charges from the customers side resulting in a requirement for additional installation day will amount to an additional installation fee of RM 1,500 at minimum.
  • If there’s a DB box on the second floor of the location/closest to the roof, this will be used by default to connect the wiring connection. If you would like to connect the inverter to the DB box on the ground floor or any specified location then additional charges will be implemented for the wiring if it's outside of the 15 M for AC cable and 75 M for DC cable allocated. 
  • There would be no compensation for any delays in installations arising from situations and circumstances beyond the control of SOLS Energy Sdn. Bhd. 
  • Installation day will need to be confirmed via Email. Customers will be required to complete any renovation, waterproofing or any other works before installation. Customers will also be required to repair any leaking or structural work before installation.
  • If the roof tiles get damaged during the installation work, SOLS Energy will aim to replace the tiles with the same tiles if available, or replace them with other tiles that look most identical to the original tiles.
  • If SOLS Energy is unable to set up the wifi monitoring due to the house not having wifi or due to renovation and would require the SOLS Energy team to go back to set up the wifi then additional charges would apply. Additional charges will also be added to come and set up the inverter, if the installation is done while the house is still under renovation and since the house wiring is not completed we cannot set up the inverter.
  • If the scheduled installation is delayed by the customer on the installation day itself for whatsoever reason, and as a result the installation would require an additional day of work then additional charges will apply.
  • Any additional charges need to be paid before activation of the system and will be verified with the customer for approval on the day of installation.

Return and Refund Terms

  • Please send an email to with your order number stating the reason for return. 
  • Proof of order and/or payment receipt is required .
  • To complete your return request, we require a receipt/ proof of order.
  • Any damages to any of the solar PV system components wilfully or unintentionally will be disqualified for refund. 
  • Confirmation of disassembly time and date must be honoured or a penalty of RM150 will be deducted from the refund amount.  
  • If you are not reachable or do not respond to our attempts to contact you after the 120- day trial period, you will not be eligible for a return and/or refund. 
  • Upon dismantling of the PV panels, the water proofing remnants will remain
  • Since the inverter will be wall mounted, upon dismantling, SOLS Energy will plaster and paint where necessary.

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